Lime is the basic construction material in old buildings and so it’s use is very important in repairs or alterations. It is a natural product made from burnt chalk or burnt limestone.

Lime, used in mortars and plasterers, allows the fabric of the building to breathe, is flexible, has self healing properties and is environmentally friendly as it absorbs CO2 in it’s carbonation process.

Lime Sales.
Quantities of less than a ton can be purchased & collected from our yard,
For orders over 1 ton delivery can be arranged direct to site, please allow 3-5 working days standard delivery rate.

Hydraulic Lime nhl 3.5, 25kg bags.
Hydraulic Lime nhl 5.0, 25kg bags.
Hydraulic Lime nhl 2, 25kg bags.
Lime putty 20kg bags.
Lime wash (white) 20 litre tub.
Lime ready-mixed mortar 20 litre tub.
Plasterer’s hair 100gms bag.

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